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UBA>> NTNU Defeated National Kaohsiung Normal University in Quarter Final

 NTNU basketball team players showed the great determination before the game. The UBA second day games held at Fu Jen Catholic University on the 19th of February was NTNU against National Kaohsiung Normal University. NTNU showed the great power and strength of both starters and benches. NTNU was in the lead all the way to the end. Finally defeated National Kaohsiung Normal University with 81:52, received the second victory in the quarter final. 

Most of the great teams in the past were out today. NTNU was the only lucky team that survived. The team coach Shi Ming Tsung indicated that the game was getting more and more intense. He reminded the players should be tough on the court, don’t be proud when in the lead, and don’t give up when falling behind. 
At the same time, coach Shi Ming Tsung mentioned that all the schools would definitely play harder and harder. The team would face the following games seriously and carefully. The goal would be the first game in semi final.