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NTNU College of Management Cultivated Professional Talented People

 NTNU College of Management was established in August 2008. Since then, they followed the ideas of international teaching, professional teachers, and creative cooperation with related industries, to cultivate the professional talented management people. The dean of the College of Management Chou Shi Yu indicated that recently the college had signed the academic cooperation agreement and exchange student contract, held the international seminar, and also invited world famous leader to give a speech in NTNU. The college even established the EMBA courses last year, to provide more whole scale managers in Taiwan. 

College of Management had signed the exchange student agreement with United States University of Michigan School of Management. Signed the international academic cooperation agreement with South Korea Woosong University- SolBridge International School of Business. The idea of “international teaching” expected students to be connected with the world, broaden the learning vision, and had the chance to be able to exchange their ideas abroad. 
The dean of College of Management Chou Shi Yu indicated that the “Creative Management Under the Global Changing International Seminar” held in 2010 invited the outstanding experts and scholars in and out of Taiwan to publish their theories of financial management, marketing management, and global managing strategies. Besides, the college continuing cooperated with the largest food chain supplier “McDonald” to sign the “credit certified cooperation agreement”. 
Dean Chou Shi Yu also mentioned that the College of Management EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) opened in 2012. The master courses combined management, arts, humanity, and leisure sports. Showed the features of NTNU and even cooperated with the world famous enterprise IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) to build the creative thinking professional manager.
NTNU College of Management was established relatively later than other universities. However, the superiority NTNU possessed in the creative industry and arts fields allowed students to have the high quality of classes from the beginning. Many of the students who were going to graduate from the first year of Department of Management had the outstanding performances in the master program entrance exam.