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Department of Design 2013 Department Exhibition- Between

 NTNU Department of Design was transformed from the Graduate Institute of Design Research and Fine Arts Design Group, to NTNU Department of Visual Design, and finally to the Department of Design this year. They tried to display different kind of design. The exhibition this year display students’ works from different fields, including posters, iconography, photography, visual identified system, product design development, packing design application, multi media, animation, commercial, and filming. The topics of the works including the topics responded to the topic of exhibition, daily life, and many experimental design concepts. 

The idea of the topic of the exhibition- Between was people, things, stuffs were not existed solitarily. Each arrangement and combination had its own rule and relationship. They expressed Between with their own aesthetics angle. Design was not only about the essence of life but also the communication way between self and others. 
The exhibition time: 23rd of February to 28th of February 2013.
The exhibition location: First Floor of Fine Arts Building.