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College of International Studies and Education for Oversea Chinese Prospect For the Future

 NTNU College of International Studies and Education for Oversea Chinese was established in August 2006. Besides building up the complete system of Mandarin teaching and research, the college devoted into the culture of politics and economy, international Sinology, European area culture and tourism, and international localization. Signing the academic cooperation agreement and several teacher and student exchange agreements with many well-known universities, holding international academic seminar, forum, and summer camp, the college students had many chances to show their talent and ability.  

The dean of the college Pan Chao Yang indicated that the college held the international “Confucianism” and “Sinology” seminar every year. The seminar successfully promoted the academic cooperation. For example, the “2012 East Asia Confucianism International Academic Seminar” held with Shanghai Normal University, South Korea Sungkyunkwan University, and Academia Sinica. Furthermore, the Research Center for East Asian Cultures and Sinology cooperated with National Central Library Research Center of Sinology to hold the International Confucianism Academic Seminar and “2012 Cross Culture Confucianism Series Lecture”, invited Professor Thomas Fröhlich from University Erlangen- Nuremberg Germany Department of Sinology and Professor Bernhard Fuehrer from United Kingdom University of London The School of Oriental and African Studies to give the speeches. 
In the recent days, the college would move back to the main campus. The dean Pan Chao Yang indicated that it was really important to the college. He expected the college could use its superiorities and had a better development in the future.