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NTNU Received 5 Billion Investment for Building International Village

 NTNU successfully got the land in the great areas of Taipei. The land was approximately 2,962 square meters and cost around 5 billion NT dollars in the market. Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that he was very appreciated to get the land. NTNU would turn it into the outstanding international village in the future.

NTNU never stopped to internationalize the university. Principal Chang Kuo En indicated tat based on the point of view of education internationalization and liberalization, NTNU would strengthen the international cooperation, expanding recruiting overseas students to study in NTNU. Currently, the number of foreign students studying in NTNU was always the most in Taiwan. In order to provide international students a great learning environment and living condition, building international village was always the goal of NTNU.
Principal Chang and the school administration staff applied to the Taipei City Government of the land for a while finally got the positive response from the government this February. Principal Chang indicated that according to the market value, the land worth more than 5 billion NT dollars. This represented that our goal of internationalizing NTNU was approved by Taipei City Government. It was the third land Principal Chang Kuo En strived for NTNU in his term of office after the land in Lin Kou campus and the former residence of Liu Chen. Principal Chang had the confidence to raise NTNU school reputation on the world stage after leading NTNU to enter the top 100 universities in Asia. He expected the international village would be constructed in a short period of time.