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NTNU Cooperated with Universities in Japan for Cross Country Teaching

 “The third year of holding the cross country teaching, students are more and more into National Taiwan Normal University,” said Professor Yugun Riku from Japan. He displayed the result of cross country teaching in the past three years. Students adapted to the international learning environment better and better. He appreciated Professor Wu Wen Hsing from NTNU Department of History to promote and arrange the activity. He expected to have further cooperation in the future.

Professor Yugun Riku and several educational leaders from Japan brought a group of Japanese students to NTNU from the 19th of February to the 24th of February for a one week cross country learning. The program included the lectures and school visiting.
The lectures were arranged by Professor Wu Wen Hsing and universities from Japan. Professor Wu Wen Hsing talked about “The Education in Taiwan in Japanese Colonization Period”. Professor Chen Kuo Chuan talked about “The Development and Features of Taiwanese Industry from Geography Condition Point”. Professor Yugun Riku talked about “The Economic Development of Taiwan and Developing East Asia”. The lectures were related to the history, education, economy, industry, and law in Taiwan and Japan.
Japanese students indicated that it was a great chance to hear the same issue from different perspective of view. She appreciated the hospitality of NTNU and the teaching resources provided.
The program led students to visit all the historical spots and traditional Taiwanese building in Taipei. Including National Taiwan Museum, Taipei 228 Memorial Museum, Academia Hostorica, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Tamsui Fort Santo Domingo, Taipei Tamsui Presbyterian Church George Leslie Mackay Museum, and so on. Through visiting, students could understand more about the relationship between Taiwan and Japan, and the history of Taiwan. NTNU specially arranged the Japanese translator in each spots for them to understand the features and story completely. 
Professor Yuhun Riku expected to lead NTNU students to study in Japan in the future, for Taiwanese students to learn about Japanese culture. He expected there would be further cooperation with NTNU and built a better relationship between Taiwan and Japan.