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College of Technology Developed Cooperation with Company

NTNU College of Technology was established in 1998. The college was making effort on internationalization. They hired outstanding professors in and out of Taiwan to raise the academic power in the College of Technology. The dean of College of Technology Hung Chin Ming expected to continue developing the cooperation with company, striving for scholarship to support the poor students, for the graduated students in College of Technology to have a better development

The dean Hung indicated that NTNU had always been supportive about doing the academic research in order to raise the teaching quality. He hoped teachers from College of Technology could receive the outstanding research. Therefore, he set up a series of rules to select the great creative and innovative teachers that had been nominated by each department. He awarded these nominated teachers to show his gratitude to these teachers for improving the teaching quality in College of Technology.

Many students graduated from the College of Technology started to work in the company. College of Technology emphasized on the cooperation with the company. Many teachers had proposed some plans to cooperate with more great companies.

The dean Hung mentioned that he hoped to focus on internationalization as well. Department of Industrial Design had cooperated with United States University of Pennsylvania and Australia Queensland University of Technology. Japan Aichi University of Education had come to Taiwan to interact with students from Department of Technology Application and Human Resources Development. Recently, Department of Industrial Design would hold the international academic seminar on the vocational system. They invited scholars from United States and Australia to talk about it. College of Technology expected to combine with the international development trend and improved our own vocational education quality.