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Violin Master Lin Chao Liang Officially Signed On as NTNU Lecture Professor

 The international well-known violin master Lin Chao Liang received the contract letter from NTNU vice Principal Cheng Chi Fu on the 5th of March, officially became the lecture professor in NTNU. He held the master class and lectures in Department of Music concert hall, guided students to study violin.

Lin Chao Liang was honored as the glory of Taiwan. He was one of the few violinists that could stand on the international stage. He was described as the “Mozart of Violin”. His beautiful music was known by the world. Lin Chao Liang was the only Chinese musician that had received The Classic FM Gramophone Awards in United Kingdom. Besides teaching in The Juilliard School in the United States, he had been performing in Europe, America, and Asia. Lin Chao Liang dedicated to the modern music performances beside the classical music performance.

Lin Chao Liang indicated that he was very excited about being hired as the lecture professor in NTNU. His father was graduated from NTNU Department of Physics and his favorite professor was Professor Li Hsu Te from Department of Music. For teaching the most outstanding young musician in Taiwan, Lin Chao Liang indicated that it was just a beginning; he would dedicate more in the future to help the young musicians in Taiwan.