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Study Abroad in New Zealand University of Auckland

NTNU sister school New Zealand University of Auckland provided the summer language and culture program. Office of International Affairs invited school representative from University of Auckland to share about the information.

University of Auckland located in the center of the international city Auckland. It had a challenging and great learning environment for more than 40 thousands students. Most of the courses were about science study and researching. The quality of the research was the world class; therefore, University of Auckland attracted students from all around the world. International students from more than 80 countries provided a great variety on the campus. Students were able to make friends from different countries. University of Auckland provided an amazing learning environment for students. There was the biggest library in the whole New Zealand with well-equipped learning advices and resources.

The representative from New Zealand University of Auckland mentioned that the food in New Zealand was very international as well. You could find all the food you want to eat. People were nice and kind. You could always get help from the stranger when you were lost on the street.

NTNU Office of International Affairs would support outstanding students for studying in New Zealand University of Auckland. The scholarship would cover the daily life expenses and the cost of the plane ticket.