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German Company Bayer Internship Recruitment Meeting in NTNU

 Have you ever thought of working in Taipei 101 instead of being a teacher? Do you want a special summer? NTNU Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service held the “Internship at Bayer Meeting” on the 19th of March. The meeting invited three cooperators from Bayer to interact with students and introduced the details of the internship.

Bayer was the top 500 business in the world. The main division of Bayer in Taiwan was at Taipei 101. Bayer was known for the medicine researching in the world. They started to held the “Outstanding Pathfinder Program” since 4 years ago to provide students a chance to do the internship in Bayer. Manager Jennifer Lu emphasized that doing the internship in the enterprise was not only about cleaning or typing. “Outstanding Pathfinder Program” provided students important tasks. At the end of the program, there would be the public meeting to show the result.

Most students chose to do the part time job or tutoring before they got their first job in summer. Manager Catherine indicated that the differences between a part time job and doing the internship in the enterprise was you could gain more experiences by doing the internship to prepare for finding the job after you graduated. “Outstanding Pathfinder Program” provided students the complete courses and many chances to train and show themselves.

The “Outstanding Pathfinder Program” in 2013 would start from the 1st of July to the 31st of August. Bayer expected to recruit 10 students to do the internship in Bayer. Students had to pass two stages of interview. The students who were selected didn’t have to pay any fee but receive 10 thousands dollars extra. And also, the manager from Bayer would write a recommendation letter for you afterward.