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University of Northern Colorado Revealed The Secret of “The Rite of Spring”

The music at each stage had its own features. Professor Robert C. Ehle from United States University of Northern Colorado Department of Music Theory and Composing was invited by Professor Chuang Wen Ta from NTNU Department of Music to share the secret of the modern music with NTNU students. He revealed the secret of the famous masterpiece “The Rite of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky.

Professor Ehle was currently teaching in the University of Northern Colorado Department of Music. He specialized in music theory and composing. His famous works included the world music, electronic music, and orchestra. He was the composer with high reputation. It was a great chance for NTNU to invite him to talk about everything related to music. He shared his own experiences and techniques with the students by sitting in front of the piano several times.

Professor Ehle talked about the modern music and took the example of the great composer in 20th century Igor Stravinsky’s work “The Rite of Spring”. He pointed out the song not only combined the modernism features but also the elements of jazz. Students were very surprised when they realized it.

Although the lecture was carried out completely in English, students enjoyed the lecture a lot and asked a lot of questions at the end of the lecture. Professor Ehle indicated at the end that the modernism composers were still looking for the new voice and new language in the modern music. His lecture brought students to another level of the modern music. He was very appreciated to be invited to NTNU and welcomed students to study in University of Northern Colorado in the future.