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NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En Conducted the Band on the Opening of NTNU Music Festival

 NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En conducted the band to perform the “Sousa El Capitan March” on the opening of NTNU Music Festival 2013. He was the captain of NTNU. The music festival started from the 21th of March with following 30 concerts.

Although Principal Chang Kuo En only conducted the band for less than 30 seconds. Audiences gave him a big round applause afterward. Many students were cheering for him. The other performances in the opening ceremony were performed by Department of Music, Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology, and Graduate Institute of Performing Arts.

Principal Chang was very confident with his conducting. He also announced at the opening ceremony that the hall in the main campus would be constructed into the concert hall in the summer, to provide students and teachers more place to perform.

This would be the 5th NTNU music festival this year. The dean of the College of Music Chian Shan Hua indicated that the College of Music would perform the best of the music. They had arranged 30 concerts and most of them were free. Welcomed students, teachers, and public who were interested in music participated in it.