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Korea Dongduk Women’s University Art Exhibition at NTNU from 22nd of March

NTNU and Korea Dongduk Women’s University cooperated with a one-week art exhibition at NTNU art gallery from the 22nd of March. Principal Chang encouraged the exchanging in art. It would inspire more new idea. The dean of Korea Dongduk Women’s University College of Fine Arts Hung Chun Chu and the dean of NTNU College of Fine Arts Huang Chin Lung both indicated that they expected to connect the world through developing the oriental art pieces.

NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that art played an important role for learning the different culture. Although students from NTNU and Dongduk Women’s University couldn’t communicate with language, they could exchange the idea with art works. He hoped the exhibition could connect the art development in Asia and created the oriental art philosophy and aesthetics.