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NTNU Participated in the 2013 Taiwan Water Resources Forum

2013 was the water snake year in Taiwan and was the “international water resources cooperation year” decided by the United Nation. United Nation decided that each year, the 22nd of March would be the World Water Day. The topic of the World Water Day this year was Water Cooperation. As part of our Earth, NTNU invited Taipei city government and Taiwan environment educational related groups on the 23rd of March to hold the “2013 Taiwan Water Resources Forum” at the café at Taipei Water Park. The forum was fund supported by Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taipei City Animal Protection Office.

The forum pointed out that the water resources had decreased 1/3 than 25 years ago. In order to lower the cost of the water resources, people should lower the necessity of water resources. Although Taipei city government had been restricting people’s water using amount, they hoped to lower to water pipe leaking rate in the future.

NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En mentioned that as part of the Mother Earth, NTNU would emphasize on students recognition and practices of water resources education. He encouraged students and teachers to love our Earth by saving the water.

The forum invited Dr. Wang Chung Ho from Research Center for Environmental Changes Academia Sinica to talk about the impact on Taiwan water resources due to the climate change. Dr. Wang indicated that the global warming was something we couldn’t avoid or ignore. In the past 70 years, the rainfall in the northern Taiwan and southern Taiwan had become more and more different. How to efficiently use our water became a difficult task. He sent out and urgent appeal that the government and the public should cherish our water resources or we would probably run out of water one day.