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18 students go head-to-head in 4th Cross-Strait Interpreting Competition

18 skilled interpreters from schools in Taiwan and mainland China went head-to-head Monday in the final round of the 4th Annual Cross-Strait Interpretation Competition, which was held for the first time at NTNU.


Competitors hailed from nine different universities in mainland China and four universities in Taiwan, including students from NTNU's own Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation. Their skills translating between English and Chinese were put to the test in a day-long competition that simulated both conference and dialogue situations which centered on the important social topics of aging and employment. The first place prize went to Fang Wenhong (方文弘) of Xiamen University for his strong performance.


Grace Huang (黃致潔), an graduate of and now teacher at NTNU and a former winner of the competition, commended the competitors for staying calm and performing well.


NTNU president Chang Kuo-en (張國恩) said he was impressed, as effective interpretation requires hard work and a broad understanding of various fields. He said that all of the students on stage did excelletly.


The Cross-Strait Interpretation Competition is held alternatingly in Taiwan and mainland China. Last year's contest was held at Xiamen University.