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NTNU introduces learning on-the-go with open mobile courses


 Long bus rides or being out of town are no longer valid excuses to stop learning, now that NTNU's open courses are currently available for mobile devices. According to the Director of Library Services at NTNU, Chen Chao-chen (陳昭珍), a mobile web version is already up and running, and downloadable apps are coming in the near future.

 Since NTNU launched its open course platform last year, it has been a national leader in open coursework, featuring talks by the likes of Nobel Prize-winner Gao Xingjian(高行健).

The project is aimed at individuals between the ages of 40 to 60, who take courses as a means of self-enrichment, says Chen.

 But it reaches even beyond just Taiwan's shores. “Other than Taiwan, there are users from 86 countries including China and the United States,” she says.

 NTNU also has plans to develop MOOC (massive open online course) capabilities and improve interactions between teachers and students in remote areas.

 The open coursework website is located at

 The mobile site can be found at