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Representatives of Beijing Normal, National Taiwan Normal Us meet in Taipei

Academic ties could play a major part in improving cross-strait relations; that's the message taken from last Friday's visit of Beijing Normal University official Liu Chuansheng (劉川生) to NTNU.
Liu met with NTNU President Chang Kuo-en (張國恩) and Taiwan Education University System President Wu Ching-ji (吳清基) to discuss the future of academic cooperation between Taiwanese and mainland Chinese schools.
The two sides are setting their sites on more than just meetings of academics -- increased exchanges mean opportunities for students to meet their counterparts from the other side of the Taiwan Strait, too.
The representatives of the two 'normal' schools also made a point of handing each other mementos of the meeting. Liu's gift to NTNU was a painting of China's greatest teacher, Confucius, featuring a saying affirming teachers' hard work: 'It takes 10 years to cultivate a tree and 100 years to cultivate a man' (十年樹木,百年樹人).