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Long-distance e-learning closes the gap for students of Chinese


  Afraid of flying? NTNU's Mandarin Training Center (MTC) has some great news for anyone looking for personalized Chinese classes but who is unable to make it all the way to Taiwan. Thanks to the Internet, all you need is a computer, phone, or tablet to start one-on-one classes with a real live teacher.

 Internationally recognized as a leader in Chinese language education programs, MTC started developing its online courses in 2011. Beginning this month, the results of those efforts are being presented to the public.

 'MTC Online' classes use the Adobe Connect platform to bring teachers and students together regardless of how far apart they may actually be. Students choose the appropriate level of instruction to start learning Chinese from the comfort of their own homes.

 The new platform builds on MTC's nearly 60 years of experience teaching Chinese to a wide range of individuals, including university students and businesspeople. The online classes aim to teach competency in basic Chinese phrases in just one 20-hour course.

 Fees for the classes range from NT$9,500 for small group classes of three to four students to NT$16,000 for one-to-one lessons.

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