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NTNU, University of Philippines researches cooperate on ethnomusicology

 Students and teachers from NTNU's College of Music have worked with their counterparts at the University of the Philippines to follow in the footsteps of the late José Maceda, an acclaimed ethnomusicologist who did field work in the Cordillera area of the Philippines.

 The researchers traced Maceda's steps through Sagada, Bontoc, and other areas, and gathered data from more than 10 ethnic groups during the annual Lang-ay Festival.

 NTNU's Dean of the College of Music, Chien Shan-hua (錢善華), said the successful research trip shows how Austronesian languages, which are also spoken by Taiwan's indigenous population, can bring people together across national borders. According to Chien, the data collected during the trip will be stored digitally, creating a foundation for future exchanges between the two universities.