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NTNU professor introduces personality test to help match applicants with the right jobs

It's not just recent graduates who worry about jobs -- employers often struggle to find reliable, well-suited employees, too. Fortunately the difficult task of matching people to the right positions may be made easier after a 15-minute personality test developed by National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) professor of industrial education Hung Jung-chao (洪榮昭).

Going through several inveriews -- or worse, several employees -- before finding the right person is every HR department's nightmare, but Hung believes his test can help potential employers prevent such a situation. The test is modelled ont he Uchida-Kraeplin (U-K) test, a questionnaire that tests subjects' response to mental stress. The questions themselves are simple, but test-takers need to overcome a variety of environmental distractions to complete them. The end result shows how a subject preforms under mental fatigue.

The testing method shows objective data on an applicant's personality. Employers can look for the traits conducive to a particular job opening, meaning cutting down the ammount of time and resources spent on interviews and other parts of the application process, Hung said.