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HK delegation learns about teacher training

What's the difference between teacher training in Hong Kong and Taiwan? That's just the question that Dr. So Chi-ki (蘇祉祺) and his delegation of Hong Kong elementary and middle school teachers hoped to answer during their visit to NTNU on Monday.


Dr. So, who heads Hong Kong's New Generaton Cultural Association, was received by several representatives from NTNU, including Secretary-General Lin An-pan (林安邦) and Teacher Education and Career Service head Lin Chen-yung (林陳涌), among others. Both visitors and hosts expressed hopes that the exchange can boost academic cooperation and encourage Hong Kong students to study at NTNU.


Huang Chia-li (黃嘉莉), who is responsible for guidance and internships, says one thing that makes NTNU's teacher training unique is the use of personality tests to screen for traits that are conducive to teaching. "Foremost is a classroom scenario judgment test used to reinforce contextual judgment abilities of teachers-in-training," Huang explained.


Huang added that despite the school's historic focus on training teachers, NTNU encourages graduates to consider other careers, as well, especially in light of the dropping number of births across Taiwan.