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NTNU research team develops stair-climbing patrol bot

Researchers at NTNU's Applied Electronics Department have developed a new surveillance robot that can boldly tread where no robot has tread before. The machine, which operates on four caterpillar tracks, can carry out automatic patrols and has no problem overcoming even a steep set of stairs.


The robot, called NTNU CIR-I, is designed to compliment humans and other security equipment. By roving around, it can reach areas that security cameras fail to see while its human counterparts patrol other locations or monitor its progress remotely.


The NTNU CIR-I is the result of three years of hard work by a team headed by Professor Wang Wei-yen (王偉彥), who this year was awarded with fellowships in two prominent international organizations, the IEEE and IET.


The research team has applied for a patent on the security robot, and at least one factory has expressed interest in it.