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NTNU students win prestigeous iF awards for design

A doctoral student of fine arts at NTNU has had his design prowess rewarded with a coveted iF award for design. Chen Shih-lun (陳世倫), who is also head of the Visual Communications Department at China University of Technology in Hsinchu, won the award in recognition of his work, "The Story of the Calligraphy Brush" (毛筆的故事), which centers on the calligraphy brushes traditionally used to write Chinese characters.

Chen is no stranger to iF awards. He was honored with a gold award last year for a piece on Chinese characters themselves. Chen says he has long been fascinated by the characters, which are unique from the writing systems of the West and many other parts of the world.

Another iF winner this year is Chiang Cheng-ta (江政達), a Master's student at NTNU's Department of Design. Chiang earned a concept design award for his antibody-antigen reactionary technology used to show a patient's blood-type on a bag as soon as it contacts the blood.