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Visiting students from Shanghai share their take on Taiwan trip

Fifteen students from Shanghai Normal Univeristy wrapped up a 12-week visit to Taiwan last Friday with pictures and videos that summed up their experience learning about the education system here. The students came at the invitation of National Taiwan Normal University's Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service.

The visit marked the closest cooperation to date between SNU and NTNU in terms of scope and size, said Dean Chen Hsueh-chih (陳學志) of NTNU's School of Continuing Education. 

Students from Shanghai said they were inspired by the words of a principal at a local junior high school: "I want to become the wind beneath these children's wings." SNU Vice President Cong Yuhao (叢玉豪) said he hopes that the 15 students will share the knowledge they have gained from the visit. Cong said he hopes that his university can reciprocate by receiving students from NTNU.