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"Shan Hai" musical combines traditional legend, contemporary rock

NTNU students got a sneak-peek Thursday night of the rock musical Tale of Shan Hai Jing (山海經傳), written by Chinese Nobel Laureate Gao Xingjian (高行健) and sponsored by NTNU and its students.

The musical is based on the classic text Shanhaijing (山海經) literally, 'Classic of Mountains and Seas'), an ancient collection of Chinese myths, folklore, and geographic details. It's set for four preformances at the National Theater starting on June 28.

But students at NTNU got an early treat in the form of partial dress-rehearsal on campus. On Thursday, director Liang Chih-min (梁志民) said that he supported Gao's idea of a historic rock musical from the beginning, explaining that rock music is the perfect medium for the audience to explore the energy and intense emotions of the story.

Tickets for the show are available online: