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Science behind the medal: NTNU holds sports biomechanics conference

As the Universiade is underway in Russia, NTNU is boosting morale by bringing together experts from around the world to discuss the science behind winning gold medals. The four-day International Sports Biomechanics Seminar kicked off Sunday, covering a range of topics including technique analysis, sports equipment, computer simulations, and sports medicine.

Sports are a big deal for NTNU, which has sent 35 athletes to compete in this year's Universiade. Additional special funding from the Ministry of Education has turned the university into a center for biomechanical studies by funding equipment like high-speed cameras, models, and software that help researchers understand what makes top athletes tick.

Among many luminaries from the sports world, NTNU welcomed Shinji Sakurai of Japan's Chukyo University, mentor of world champion hammer-thrower Koji Murofushi; Bruce Mason, the head of the Aquatics Program at the Australian Institute of Sport; Bruce Elliot, head of the School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health at the University of Western Australia; and NTNU's own Professor Tzyy-Yuang Shiang (相子元), who is a consultant for Nike and Giant Bicycles, among others.

The conference runs until the 11th.