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NTNU, NCCU, NTUST launch joint courses in creative design

Some of Taiwan's top public universities are joining forces to redifine creative design. National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), and National Chengchi University (NCCU) are making good on an agreement signed last year to hold joint practicum courses in creative design.

The classes kicked off on July 1st with a focus on bicycle design. Students will be required to produce a finished bicycle by the end of the course.

Design is all the more important in tough economic times, said NTNU Vice President Lin Tung-tai (林東泰) on the first day of class. By developing their creative prowess, students can ensure they have more waiting for them after graduation than just a low-wage entry position, he said.

"There is no such thing as a stupid idea," said NTUST Vice President Yeh Ruey Huei (葉瑞徽), who was also present on the first day. Students should dream big because anything is possible, he said.

Yeh also commented on the collaboration between the three schools. Creative design classes encourage students to learn from multiple disciplines, he said, adding that the exchanges also encourage interaction among bright students from different schools. 

A total of 20 students are enrolled for the course. As for the teachers, responsibilities are divied based on content. NCCU professors are responsible for helping students come up with creative ideas, while NTNU professors are in charge of making those ideas come off the pages. Professors from NTUST will help students with production and implementation.

In addition to their creativity, the first class tested students' physical abilities by sending them on a friendly bicycle race throughout Taipei, during which they focused on the pratical aspects of riding. "I'm so tired I'm about to collapse, and my clothes are totally wet, but I feel great," said one student.