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U of Tsukuba and NTNU hope for closer academic exchanges

The vice president of Japan's University of Tsukuba, Michiyoshi Ae, took some time away from the ongoing Biomechanics Seminar to talk about enhancing cooperation with National Taiwan Normal University.

Ae met with NTNU Vice President Cheng Chih-fu (鄭志富) along with staff and professors on Monday, where they discussed the possibility of boosting academic exchanges between the two schools. NTNU and Tsukuba are already seeing exchanges between their respective teachers and students, said Ae, and he hopes they can work more closely in thesis research and sports studies.

NTNU's Cheng led a delegation to Tsukuba in 2010 to learn about that university's transition from a college of education, like NTNU is, to become one of the world-renowned comprehensive university.

NTNU's college of education and University of Tsukuba's graduate institute of Anthropology signed a cooperation agreement in 2011, followed by a sister-school agreement between the two in 2012.