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Renowned Hosei University Visits NTNU to Promote Student Exchange


A group from Hosei University, led by Executive Director Masato Masuda, visited National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) on the afternoon of July 21st. The group was received by NTNU Vice President Cheng-chih Wu and Dean of International Affairs Frank Ying. The two universities became sister schools in February. During this meeting, the two sides discussed further promotion of student exchange programs.


Hosei University is one of the top six universities in Tokyo. It was also the first private law university in Japan. With over a hundred years of history, the university now teaches a broad range of disciplines. In particular, the law and social sciences departments at Hosei have long been well-renowned in Japan.


On this trip, the group of important visitors from Hosei University included Executive Director Masato Masuda, Director of International Strategic Planning Mizuhito Kanehara, Director of International Exchange Keiko Takahata and Deputy Director of International Exchange Kenetsu Takahashi. The group aimed to stimulate further meaningful exchange after the signing of a memorandum of understanding in February.


NTNU Vice President Wu expressed hopes that the two universities can establish plans for short and medium length student exchanges, as well as teacher exchanges. Hosei University Executive Director Masato Masuda responded that, 'A former college professor of mine was also an NTNU graduate. I am very happy to visit historic NTNU. We hope to promote excellent cooperation.'


In addition to discussing future cooperation, the group from Hosei University also visited the NTNU Mandarin Training Center, which was introduced by Dean of International Affairs Frank Ying. The Mandarin Training Center is one of the world’s best Mandarin teaching institutions. Every year, around 6,000 foreign students study at the center. More than 25% of these students come from Japan. It is hoped that the two sides can cooperate further in the area of Mandarin training.


During a tea break, Hosei University's newly appointed director of international exchange, Keiko Takahata, expressed hopes for further discussion of details related to exchange. Furthermore, she hopes that this visit can facilitate even closer cooperation between Hosei University and NTNU.