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NTNU Alumni Gather for University’s Anniversary Celebration

National Taiwan Normal University celebrated its 69th birthday on June 5th, where it recognized the recipients of its fifteen Distinguished Alumnus Awards, Outstanding Service in Education Awards, and Outstanding Teacher Awards. Recipients included Zheng Shanxi, Chen Maoxuan, Wang Sulan, Yang Zhangxian from the education, arts and music departments. NTNU’s band played during the ceremony, creating a warm and lively atmosphere.

University president Zhang Guoen discussed NTNU’s recent progress: NTNU’s education department is ranked 22nd globally, and the only one in the top 50 centered on the humanities. President of the Legislative Yuan Wang Jinping , now also the Director of the Alumni Association, expressed how proud and honored he was to call NTNU his alma mater: “Being back at my alma mater brings me joy, but what makes me even happier is being able to see fellow alumni being awarded as together we strive to make the world a better place. As previous speakers have mentioned, I can’t help but reminisce back to when I was sitting in the audience in this very same hall, witnessing the constant stream of NTNU achievements.”

One of the award recipients, Zheng Zhanxi’s achievements in art have had far-reaching effects, heavily impacting Taiwan’s art education and winning the many national titles. Chen Maoxuan studied music for a long time, and has performed in many locatiosn worldwide. He founded the National Music Education Association, subsequently improving the caliber of music education nationwide. Wang Sulan has conducted noteworthy research on using hydrothermal reactions to create nanoporous metal phosphates, phosphites, silicates and germinates, while Yang Zhangxian specializes in flowering processes and plant anatomy of orchids.