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Chinese Taipei Wins European Outdoor Women’s Tug-of-war Gold

Taiwan women's team won gold in international outdoor tug-of-war in the ladies 520 kg open of the 2015 European Tug of War Championship on September 7th. The team is composed of the tug of war team of National Taiwan Normal University and students from Taipei Jingmei Girls Highs School.


The champion team returned to Taiwan on September 10th, 6:25pm. The Chair of Athletic department, Hong Tsung-Min, and the Chair of the Physical Education, Lin Mei-Chun, went to the airport to meet the contestants. The Principal of Jingmei High School, the students and the parents welcomed the contestants with cheering. Having not seen each other for a while, they hugged each other with joy. 

The Chair of Athletic department, Hong Tsung-Min, told the coach and the contestants to keep practicing and work hard and the Chair of Physical Education Lin Mei-Chun was very pleased that the students of the tug of war team were well mannered. She was happy that these contestants won the medal, bringing honor to NTNU.