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Academics from the Institut de France came to NTNU

Ministry of Culture invited two heavyweights from the Institut de France, Marianne BASTID-BRUGUIERE and Jean-Robert PITTE to deliver speeches in NTNU. One speech is about bilateral relationship between Taiwan and France and the other is about the dining culture of France. Distinguish guests included former minister of education and alumni Guo Wei-Fan also joined the event.
President Chang Kuo-en stated that “I hope NTNU students can visit France or study there.” Taiwan and France have a close relationship. Marianne BASTID-BRUGUIERE chatted with President Chang in Chinese and talked about her relationship with NTNU and the praised the changes of NTNU she noticed.
Marianne BASTID-BRUGUIERE is an internationally known sinologist. In her speech, she talked about herself and what others have done to promote culture exchange between Taiwan and France. She frequently mentioned about the relationship of China, Taiwan and France and discussed the interaction between Taiwan and France in a historical view.
Jean-Robert PITTE was the president of Université Paris IV Paris Sorbonne in 2003 to 2008 and now he is now a member of Institut de France. Due to Mr. Pitte’s hard work, UNESCO has listed Le Repas Gastronomique des Français as intangible cultural heritage and it’s the first time that a culture of food was enlisted in the world heritage. Although Taiwan is not part of UN, Taiwan is not qualified to be listed in the world heritage. He thinks that Taiwan cuisine is unique and one day it could have the chance to be part of the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.