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ITMO called on NTNU


Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) called on NTNU on September 24th and met with President Chang Kuo-en. Both sides showed enthusiasm in discussion. 

ITMO was founded in 1900 and its research priorities are concentrated in information and photonic technologies. The university consists of 18 departments, 7 research institutes and one academy, with a total of 119 chairs. The total number of students is around 15,000. It’s a research-oriented university specializing in engineering. 

The Graduate Institute of Electro-optical Science and Technology also visited ITMO in July last year. This year, Prof. Cheng C. J. from that institute and Prof. Wu C. H. form the Department of Life Science visited ITMO this June and this August, President Chang Kuo-en went to visit the president of ITMO and signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The two schools now are official sister schools. 

Dean Yu K. C. from the Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development, Deputy Dean Howard Hao-Jan Chen, Director Liang Iping and Director Ho Yao-Hua from the Office of International Affairs, Chair Lee M. H. from the Graduate Institute of Electro-optical Science and Technology Prof. Wu C. H. form the Department of Life Science and Assistant Professor Chaing T. C. from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engerining all came and welcomed the guests from Russia. 

The Director of eScience Research Institute of NRU ITMO Alexander Boukhanovsky demonstrated the animation produced by a professional team of ITMO. The team is skilled in collecting and analyzing data and most of their work looks at urban development, control of population and capital and plans for giant stadiums etc. 

President Chang stated that the Center of Educational Research and Evaluation of NTNU have similar programs, but NTNU focus more on education and government projects. He hoped that the departments of both sides could have more chances to learn from each other.