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President of UdK called on NTNU

Martin Rennert the Principal of Berlin University of the Arts, the largest art school in Europe came visited NTNU on Oct. 6th with Hsu Li Tian, officer of the Department of International and Cross-strait Education in Ministry of Education. Principal Chang Kuo En welcomed them in person with administrators of NTNU and hoped that both universities can become sister schools. 

Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin, UdK) was built more than three centuries ago. It has four colleges specializing in fine arts, architecture, media and design, music and the performing arts and is famous for its teachers and heritage. 

Dean of the Office of International Affairs, Frank Y-H Ying, Dean of the College of Arts, Lin Chun-Liang, Director of the Graduate Institute of Art History, Lin Li-chiang Chairperson of the Department of Music, Chen Chinn-Horng, and Ho, Kang Ko, Chair of the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts all participated in the meeting. 

They discussed about cultural exchange during the meeting. President Rennert said that it’s very important to preserve one’s culture. If you understand your own culture, you’ll feel attached to it and be proud of it and want to know more about other cultures. 

Both sides also talked about the possibility of student exchange. President Chang stated that NTNU has put much emphasis on cultivating artistic talents. NTNU students are really outstanding. Although President Rennert is positive about the idea of student exchange, he said that most of the classes in UdK are taught in German. He hopes that there are more German classes in NTNU for students to learn the language and German culture.