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NTNU players at the 2015 Pro Basketball All-Star Classic Game

The 2015 Pro Basketball All-Star Classic Game was held at Xinzhuang Gymnasium on Oct. 9th.The NTNU Men's Basketball team players teamed up with SBL (Super Basketball League) players. The Taiwan team is composed of five SBL current and former players, and players from NTNU, NTUA. Taiwanese players and fans are crazy about watching former NBA players play.

The first game on Oct. 9th was NTNU v.s. NTUA (National Taiwan University of Arts)

University Basketball Association, the second one is Nanshan Senior High School v.s. Taishan Senior High School. The last game is the most-expected NBA classic players v.s university players. It was really an exciting game that impressed the fans.

The game was more like a performance, and the players were high-flyers like Guy Dupuy aka Mr ESPN NBA dunked a lot and finished the game in 24 points whereas Chauncey Billups wins at a buzzer beater, giving the USA team a 110-95 over the Taiwan team.

After being suspended last year, the NTNU Men's Basketball team has worked hard to show everyone their progress. Though they didn’t catch as much attention as the NBA players, Coach Chen Tzu We recognized the players being active on the court. The executive director of the game Huang Hong Kai said that they invited NTNU to the game, because they want to encourage the team. That’s why Coach Chen always said to the team that they have to be grateful and cherish the opportunity of every game.