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Volunteers of Lover Myanmar Share Their Experiences

“Action speaks louder than words.” Said Professor of Departments of Civics and Education, Yen Miao Kuei, the leader of Love Myanmar Club in NTNU. The Club started 8 years ago, bringing volunteers to Myanmar to provide teacher education in Overseas Chinses School. The sharing meeting of their experience was held on Oct. 20th.

The government of Myanmar has prohibited Chinese teaching for many years, Chinese overseas in Myanmar can only teach Chinese secretly under the name of Buddhist Classic School. As a result, Chinese Overseas are lack of professional teachers and textbooks. In 2008, Burmese Zhao De Fan finished his study in NTNU and when back to Myanmar, he decided to help the oversea schools so he contacted Professor Yen and they founded Lover Myanmar Club.
There are 24 teachers and volunteers in the club this year, they stayed in Maymyo from July 10th to August 10th to run a teacher education camp and provide service to the elderly. They collected 425 boxes of second hand books and 23 laptops and donated those to the library of overseas school. And they donated about 53,000 NTD for the Very Severe Tropical Storm Nargis.
Years ago, one of the local teacher asked Prof. Yen that whether they would come next year. That’s why she decided to make it a long term service. For the past 8 years, they have trained 1186 teachers and influenced more than 100806 Myanmar students.