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NTNU Students Bring Taiwan to the World

“Being a Youth Ambassador is representing Taiwan and now we feel that we have to be responsible to Taiwan.” This year, 5 NTNU students were selected as Youth Ambassadors and they flew to five different continents this summer promoting Taiwan to the world. Except for having discussion with foreign politician and governors, visiting non-government organizations, they showed their exceptional skills of Taekwondo and Traditional artistic in many different countries.

After 6 months of competition and training, Yueh Shu Kai, Lin Shao Lun, Lo Hsien, Lin Shih Ting and Huang Jin Long from the Department of Physical Education and the Department of Athletic Performance were one of the 2015 Youth Ambassadors in the program by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

They all agreed that “It’s not as hard as you think.” If you are willing to try and step out of your comfort zone, you will see a different world. These students defeated other competitors with fluent English and eye-catching performances, winning the heart of the judges.
“I am a good at Taekwondo and I performed it in the athletic performance, so I do what I am best at, this is the advantage of students from the Department of Athletic Performance.” Said Huang. Lin Shih Ting added that they learned those traditional artistic skills in martial arts and traditional arts classes in the Department of Physical Education, so they know how to combine multiple skills and deliver a performance in 90 seconds.

“Many people have helped us along the way, it’s truly special and we really appreciate that.” Yueh said that although the Chair of the Physical Education Lin Mei-Chun was busy on her work, she still took time to do mock interviews with them and asked students of other departments to vote for them.

They all appreciated Professor Mai Hsiu-Ying in particular. “Prof. Mai not only discuss with us what to perform, how to interview and even did whatever she could to get as many people as possible to vote for us. She stayed with us till the last minute.” Lin Shih Ting  said that “Prof. Mai is like the mom of all students in the Department of Physical Education. She is such a warming and caring lady.”

Lin Shao Lun and Lin Shih Ting said that through performancing traditional Taiwanese skills and visiting different governments, they brought Taiwan to the world. Being a youth ambassador is not like traveling but representing Taiwan, like a real ambassador, visiting different countries. Yueh stated that they visited the Syria asylum in Oman, where Tzu Chi Foundation helped the construction of schools and the refugee children in need influenced by the war. “Organizations of Taiwan are reaching out their caring hand to practice humanitarian. If I didn’t join this program, I wouldn’t know that Taiwanese has done so much.”

He thinks that a college student should take the initiatives to try anything new. These experience will foster you and shape who you are. Lin Shao Lun emphasized that students from the Department of Athletic Performance are in good shape and they should not only focus on sharpening their English skills but also show confidence. “Believe in yourself and anything is possible.”