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President of the University of Kagoshima Came to NTNU

Tsumagari Sadtoshi, the President of NTNU’s sister school, the International University of Kagoshima visited NTNU with its administrator, including Officer Nakamura Mikio and Officer Wang Shia on Oct 24th. President Chang Kuo En welcomed them in person with Dean of the Office of International Affairs Frank Y-H Ying and Director Liang Iping.
Founded in 1932 as the National University Corporation Kagoshima University, the International University of Kagoshima is a prestigious school. The sister school relationship started in 2005, and so far, 19 students from NTNU went to the International University of Kagoshima on exchange.

During the meeting, President Chang stated that NTNU was Taihoku High School when Taiwan under Japanese rule. If any Taiwanese wanted to study in Taipei Imperial University, they should go to Taihoku High School first. Many buildings in NTNU are built during Taiwan under Japanese rule. It’s thus proved that NTNU is closely connected to Japan.
President Chang also said that there are more than 800 international student in NTNU and around half of them are from Japan. NTNU has been doing very well on internationalization recently. He hopes that more students of University of Kagoshima will come to NTNU on exchange program and learn Chinese as well.

President Tsumagari Sadtoshi responded that after watching the introduction video of NTNU, he really thinks that NTNU is home to many outstanding professionals. He also hopes that in the future, students or even professors from both sides can meet and exchange ideas.