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NTNU Fanpage Tops the List of the Most Checked-in University

Now everyone’s on Facebook. Taiwan universities have been running fan pages to interact with students as well as alumni. Now NTNU tops the list of the most checked-in university with the help of Taiwanese Facebook users who are crazy about check-ins. The fan page of Harvard University got 400 million fans with 740 thousands of check-ins. NTNU has 70 thousands of fans, but enjoys as much as 1 million and 430 thousands of check-ins.

The advantages of a Facebook fan page are that users can leave comments and interact with other followers. The posts of the fan page are often more energetic and less official compared to school website, making the fan page an important index of publicity of universities. But, as public universities are banned from delivering ads on Facebook, the administrators have to invite students and club members to like the page or hold lucky draws and give out coupons or gifts as incentives. Students of NTNU are very helpful in liking the page of their beloved school.

Students are invited as administrators of the fan page, and one picture that the groom (an alumnus) stood on his hand and kissed the bride attracted as much as nearly 3000 likes.

Creative posts that are close to students’ lives are those that attract most likes. For example, greetings for students passing all of their final exams and reminder of students to register courses online are the ones that most liked by our followers. In addition, it’s encouraged to post up-to-date news, for example, when the season of graduation photo comes, the administrators ask all departments to upload group photos and students will like for their photos. Posts about important events happening in NTNU are often eye-catching.

When there’s nothing special happening in NTNU, the administrators have to think hard to run the page. That’s when quotes find their way to Facebook. An article “Why Teachers Should be Normal” written by an alumnus discussing why the name of NTNU is “normal university” draw positive feedbacks.

Facebook official fan page is a good way to promote what the school have done, post in time news and interact with alumni. Top Universities have their Facebook pages. The most liked university page is Harvard University, which enjoys as much as 4.3 million likes.

Oxford University and Cambridge University have 2.53 million and 1.41 millions of fans respectively whereas Oxford University is the second most liked University page in the world of facebook. Princeton University has ranked as the top university of America for 12 consecutive years, but it fan page got 428 thousands likes, one tenth of Harvard University. Yale has 1.12 millions of likes on its fan page.
As for Asia’s top university, 221 thousands of likes for National University of Singapore, 42 thousands for The University of Hong Kong and 38 thousands for The University of Tokyo.