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NTNU enlisted as Best Uni of Sport Sciences Physical Education and Kinesiology

The first evaluation of Physical Education and Kinesiology has come out. NTNU was rated as one of the top 7 universities in the world. After ranked 22nd in QS Subject Ranking, NTNU once again received global recognition as an excellent university. On the category of teaching capacity, NTNU was praised as one of the most outstanding global university, surpassing McGill University in Canada, Seoul National University in South Korea, the University of Sydney in Australia and other well-known international universities.

The University of Tsukuba in Japan is launching a new initiative, the “World University Comparisons in Sport Sciences, Physical Education and Kinesiology 2015”. In this comparison, Thomson Reuters acted as the data provider to University of Tsukuba and also provided technical support to help them develop the comparison methodology. They invited 50 universities throughout the world that has physical department in the world to join the ranking and NTNU is the only university in Taiwan that was invited.

19 universities are shot-listed, and the top 7 universities on the final list are Auckland University of Technology from New Zealand, Loughborough University from UK, National Taiwan Normal University, the University of Calgary from Canada, the University of Porto from Portugal, the University of Tsukuba and Waseda University from Japan.

The Dean of the Office of Research and Development Wu Chau Ron said that among 35 indicators, NTNU was ranked as top 3 in 16 indicators and top 1 in 6 indicators. In the past, most evaluation focused on natural sciences, biomedical science, engineering, technology and humanity and this is the first time an evaluation on Physical Education and Kinesiology. Three major facets are included like Teaching, Research and Sports Performance, below each are more detailed indicators.

According to the result release on November, 2015, NTNU is the best when it comes to teaching capacity and is ranked as the best 4 universities in the world. On closer look, the employment rate and number of sponsored Students are ranked as top 1, whereas the number of doctoral degree, the number of classes, the ratio of international students to total students and International academic staff are ranked as top 3.

In regards to Research capacity, NTNU tops the list on indicators like international collaboration and international research prize, which proves the internationalization of NTNU.

Chen Jui Fu, the Dean of the Graduate Institute of Spot, Leisure and Hospitality Management said that NTNU has been involved in physic education for nearly 70 years and has established an important status in Taiwan and abroad. President Chang Kuo En said that NTNU focus on holistic education. In addition to main subjects, we also put emphasis on arts and humanity, training on physics and sports.