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Imagine for Education! A Conference that Gathers Scholars

The International conference on educational imaginary: Evaluation and Innovation was held by the Department of Education, NTNU, National Academy for Educational Research and The Chinese Society of Education and many other associations on November 20th and 21st at Education Building. In this conference, many important figures came and exchanged their opinions with others. Excellent papers were published, this was a really meaningful event for the academic education field.

Vice President Wu Cheng-Chih greeted professionals on the opening ceremony. The President of National Taichung University of Education, Wang Ru Jer, The President of National Taichung University of Education, Chang Shin Jen, honor professor Ou Yung-Sheng and honor professor of NTNU, Ouyang Jiaw all came to this conference, making this event more inspiring.
Professor Terri Seddon from Australian Catholic University, Professor David Hung from National Institute of Education, Singapore gave keynote speeches about the education in 21st century, and the cognitive learning for teachers respectively, later, Professor Gerard A. Postiglione from Faculty of Education, Hong Kong University joined the roundtable forum and share the current international trend with the audiences.
Chen Shao Lan, the Director of the Department of NTNU said that the theme “educational imaginary” is in tune with the trend. The host called for entry, invite educational workers to join the discussion and think outside the box. There were key note speeches, roundtable forum, panel discussion and paper presentation. Attendants can go to meetings that meet their needs.
National Academy for Educational Research was really supportive of this conference. Dean Ko Hwawei and Associate Dean Tseng CHE Jia all spoke in the event. In addition, in order to encourage youth scholars to do research, a new award of paper from youth scholars was set up and given at the closing ceremony, with an aim to stimulate the participation of youth scholars.