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Disclosing Six Arts Lecture

The result sharing forum of the second year Six Arts Lectures was held on the 10th of December. Chen Chao-Chen, the Dean of Academic Affairs was the host and Prof. John Morrow, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Auckland (UoA) and Dr. Li Wang from Learning Support Servs Manager of UoA were invited as guest speakers. 
Flipped Classroom is a hot issue in NTNU and MOOCS is one of its application. Prof. Morrow said that the aim of promoting MOOCS is to broaden the influence of higher education. When future students have to choose a school, they can first look up MOOCS. He also explained the advantages of MOOCS in detail, like more people can enjoy the resources, make good use of the courses. But there are problems like it takes longer time to prepare MOOCS lessons and teachers don’t know how to do it. Also, in university education, students still want to attend real classes instead of sitting in front of computers. 

 The second speaker was Dr. Li Wang from the Learning Support Servs Manager fof UoA. Dr. Wang is known for her research about Information Literacy and has been invited to forums as key speaker. She talked about on-line course design and development and how students feel after using it. There are many boring lessons that are interesting to students. The biggest challenge is to turn these lessons into interesting ones. Her research team also designed a program for foreign students to highlight difficult word in the lessons and that program actually helped them. 

In the afternoon, professors in NTNU shared their experiences with the audiences and invited them to share their opinions. From the Six Arts Lectures, we can see the persistence and passion of education in NTNU.