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Other Way of Master Thesis

Dr. Diane H. Sonnenwald, a visiting professor at the Graduate Institute of Library Studies and Information (GILS), NTNU, was the keynote speaker on December 18, which was the first speech of the Learning and Information Science Lecture Series. Her topic was Collaborative Capstone Projects: Re-conceptualizing the Master Thesis.
The Dean of GILS, Prof. Wu Mei Mei was the host of the session and told us about many great things Prof. Diane H. Sonnenwald did to promote higher education revolution, which helped the audience know more about the speaker and the topic. Later, Prof. Sonnenwald started the talk with Star War movies in a humorous way and she moved on to the Capestone plan when she taught in the Universtiy College Dublin.
This is how Capesone plan works, master students collaborate and conduct a plan between the industry and the academic and it is designed to replace traditional master thesis as being qualify for graduation. To the teachers, they don’t have the pressure of pushing students to write their thesis like before. No only students of related field came to this speech, several teachers also showed up out of interest and raised questions, hoping to know the possibility of introducing this system to Taiwan and its potential.
Learning and Information Science Lecture Series was hosted by the Graduate Institute of Library Studies and Information and sponsored with the by the Talent Development Program in NTNU. In addition to this speech, there will be a Teaching and learning collaboration skills and strategies workshop next year on January 8th. Keep in tune with the latest updates on the webpage of GILS.