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Augmented Reality Integrated to Science Education

DNA, nanotubes, polar molecules, these are vocabularies seen on textbooks, but do you know how they look like? National Taiwan Normal University and Wan Fang Senior High School have been collaborating for 5 years for the Augmented Reality (AR) technology that high school students can use in class. These remote, complicated words can be shown in tablets or phones, all they have to do is download the app and they can see the 3-dimension image with information added, making learning fun.

The Department of International Cooperation and Science Education is promoting a High Scope Plan that aims to integrate technology into high school and vocational school teaching. As one of the key schools, Wan Fang Senior High School started a collaboration with NTNU since 2012, Prof. Chiu Mei Hung from the Graduate Institute of Science Education was the lead that and has done a pretty nice work on their project.
In this world of technology, why don’t we integrate technology into learning? That’s the reason for the discovery lesson combining augmented reality and mobile technology, which was different from past digital learning aids, this type of lesion enables students to interact with objects in time.

Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality, in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality
Interactive augmented reality teaching aid is a useful tool to students, they can play with the interface. Along with the 3-dimension model shown, there are other useful knowledge that students need to know. From this semester, Prof. Chiu worked with Han Lin Publishing Company and developed the augmented reality aid intro courses like biology, chemistry, physics and geography.