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University Affairs Meeting Agreed to National Taiwan University System

On January 15th, a university affairs meeting was held to discuss “National Taiwan University System”. More than 100 meeting representatives and student representatives all agreed to the result of establishing “ National Taiwan University System” by combining  National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

President Chang Kuo En stated at the meeting that the three schools are close to each other geographically. In order to integrate the resources in these schools and achieve better research and teaching development, also based on the NTU Triangle which was established more than a year ago, “National Taiwan University System” is thus established. In the future, the schools will recruit students together, share the courses together and to become more competitive on the international stage.

The new system must be approved by the Ministry of Education, so far, three schools have held their university affairs meetings and the documents will be sent to the Ministry of Education soon.