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World Champion Ma Trains Professional Trainers

A local Taiwanese kid got double champions in World Skills Competition, what can he do next? Traditionally, people think that he may start up a business and a factory, but Ma Xian Yuan, 35, is different. Graduated from Industrial Education of NTNU, he went to China to find his stage. After working in international automobile companies like Audi, Porsche, recently he started his own business of training professional trainers that go to vocational schools and businesses in China.
Ma was very familiar with car parts because his family runs a car factory. He didn’t think of anything else except starting a factory as a car repairman. It was until 2001 that he went to Seoul to attend the World Skills Competition that he started to think that there may be other choices in his life.
Ma said that vocational school students are regarded as those who don’t study and in need of learning a skill to work. He once felt inferior because of his hands were dirty after busying with car parts. After he won the championship, he was sent to NTNU in a special program.
After graduating, he went to China and worked as professional trainers. What he learned in NTNU was very helpful in writing teaching proposals, finding information and doing presentation.
3 years ago, Audi signed with him a contract of the sheet metal fabrication of 400 locations in China. Audi stated that they will sign with Ma wherever he goes. Now his clients include world known companies like Porsche, Lincoln, Chrysler and Maserati, making him a legend of sheet metal business. porno izle
In 2014, Ma started a company with his partners in Beijing aiming to train professional car repairers. There are lots of vocational schools that are preparing for the 2019 World Skills Competition for sheer metal fabrication. Some school send their students to Ma’s company to receive better training.
Ma said that recently China started to focus on vocational education in a systemic way with business investment. However, the people and the skills of Taiwan is our advantage. Due to the fact that China started late, Taiwan holds a better quality and skills in a range of categories and business. He thinks that not only car business, many other business can success in China and encourages vocational students shouldn’t look down on ourselves and embrace the challenge of the world. porno