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Taiwan Tug of War Women’s team Wins 4 gold 2 Silver

The Chinese Taipei Tug of War Women’s team grabs 4 gold and 2 silver at this year’s Tug of War International Federation’s World Indoor Championships in Volendam, Netherland. The women then teamed up with male athletes from Greater Taichung’s Chiao Tai High School and Asia University to compete in the 600kg mixed division, and confronted Basque Team and China, winning three matches in a row. 

Each Tug of War International Federation’s World Indoor Championships is held in two years, and this year it was held in Volendam, Netherland. In 2010, Italy, the Jingmei Girls High School team made its debut. The youngest and lightest team won the championship in the 540kg division. In 2012 and 2014, the did a pretty good job. 

The female team is composed of the tug of war team of National Taiwan Normal University and students from Taipei Jingmei Girls Highs School. This time, they bring back the gold medals of the 540kg division, 500kg division and 600kg mixed division. NTNU President Chang Kuo En, Dean of Office of Student Affairs Chang, Shao-Hsi the representative of ROC in Northland, Chou Tai-chu all came to the field to show support of the teams. 

Overseas Taiwanese, contestants, or audiences all cheered for Taiwan. The chairperson of the Championship came to the preparation room to encourage the contestants and thanked everyone for devoting to the tug of the war. Many foreign teams and coaches that have established friendship with the Taiwanese team all showed up and greeted. 

The Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education started that because the Chinese Taipei team got a silver in the 540kg division, we are entitled to join the World Games in Poland in 2017, brining honor to Taiwan.