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Orientation for the Division of Preparatory Programs

The 22nd of February this year is not only the lantern festival but also the day the Division of Preparatory Programs welcomed the new students. There are 227 new students from Malaysia, and the orientation was started in this chilled and happy atmosphere.
Director Tsai Ya Hsun welcomed everyone on behalf of NTNU and expressed her admiration for everyone. It was the first time for many students as young as 18 years old to leave Malaysia for the first time in their lives and purse their dreams. What beautiful courage they have!
Vice Dean Chang Fei-Huang advised the students to use their time wisely, set up goals and know what they are capable of. The students can also raise suggestions to the school in legal manner.
After the talked given by Dean Tsai and Vice Dean Chang, the orientation came to an end. Though the spring semester was quite intense and short, there are still a lot of activities to join. For example, the tomb sweeping day and old uniform day on the 8th of March. On that day, everyone is welcomed to dress their high school uniforms or traditional clothes from their hometown. And then there are signing contests, friends making parties and so on. We hope that everyone can learn as much as they can at the Division of Preparatory Programs and this will be the start of the pursuit of your goal.