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Waseda Uni Comes to NTNU

On the 3rd of March, professors from the Chinese Distance learning Department of Waseda University, Koichi Murakami, Yumi Okazaki, Kawa Koji, Yang Da came to the Department of Chinese as a Second Language for a 17-day study with 32 students. The open ceremony was held on March 4th, teachers and students from both sides greeted each other and exchanged information. 
The Chinese Distance learning Department of Waseda University has been collaborating with NTNU since 2001. Methods include video conferences, sending visiting professors, TV tutorials, editing teaching materials, and publishing papers in conferences. 
This is the 16th visiting groups and in total 298 people have participated in this short term training. Master students and PhD student that join this training has the opportunity of becoming the teacher in charge of this training team and they also has the chances to teach in Harvard University, Cambridge University and Warsaw University. 
On the opening ceremony, Professor Tseng welcomed everyone and said that among the undergraduates of the department of Chinese as a Second Language, the number of Japanese students outweighs students from other countries. He hoped that everyone can seize every opportunity to learn Chinese. Professor Kawa Koji said that there’s a Taiwanese trend in Japan now and almost every news report about Taiwan is positive. He also encouraged the students to learn actively to get the most out of it.