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Hong Kong Media Come to NTNU

With an aim to know about the humanities and arts of universities in Taiwan, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong visited Taiwan with Hong Kong media representatives. They came to NTNU on the 4th of March. The Dean of International Affairs, Frank Y-H Ying, the Chair of the Department of Fine Arts, Cheng Tai Le, and the Chair of the Music Department, Chinn-Horng Nanette CHEN all welcomed the guest enthusiastically. The Chair and former Chair of Hong Kong & Macau Students Association and a music major were interviewed.  
The Dean of International Affairs, Frank Y-H Ying, addressed that NTNU has been part of the world class universities. The educational field of NTNU is ranked 22nd in the QS World University Rankings while the arts and humanities is ranked the 160th. The University is ranked 64th in Asia and 376th among the world. According to Thomson Reuter’s agency, the sports science field of NTNU is ranked as one of the 7 best universities in the world. The Physical Education is even in the Top 4. Times Higher Education placed NTNU as the most internationalized University in Taiwan. 
Every year, more than a thousand foreign students come to NTNU. At this moment, there are 1160 foreign students here. There are 573 oversea Chinese students and 260 of them come from Hong Kong and Macau. Hence, Hong Kong & Macau Students Association plays an important role of taking care of the freshmen. The former Chair of the association said that he got a phone call from the elder school mate on the first day when he knew he was accepted into NTNU. With these caring elder school mates, his live in Taiwan was pretty smooth. As a senior, his now a student teacher in Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School